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A reading from the Annals
« on: May01-2014, 14:51:05 »
“It is an age lurching along the lip of a dark precipice, peeking fearfully into chaos's empty eyes, enrapt, like a giddy rat trying to stare down a hungry cobra. The gods are restless, tossing and turning and wakening in snippets to conspire at mischief. Their bastard offspring, the hundred million spirits of rock and brook and tree, of place and time and emotion, find old constraints are rotting. The Postern of Fate stands ajar. The world faces an age of fear, of conflict, of grand sorcery, of great change, and of greater despair amongst mortal men. And the cliffs of ice creep forward.
Great kings walk the earth. They cannot help but collide. Great ideas sweep back and forth aross the face of a habitable world that is shrinking. Those cannot help but fire hatred and fear amongst adherents of dogmas and doctrines under increasing pressure.
As always, those who do the world's work most dearly pay the price of the world's pain."

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Re: A reading from the Annals
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Very cool selection for inspiration, in spite of not being from the Books of Croaker, Lady, Murgen, One-Eye or Sleepy.  For those who do not know, this is actually from the Book of Cook, also known as "The Tyranny of the Night, Book One: Instrumentalities of the Night".

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