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Publisher: Tor Books (May 3, 2005)

Find it on Amazon
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Just coming up on the tail end of this tale now. Makes you wanna read the lost books just to see how horrid the original company had been.

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Very much so, you will see what lengths some people will go to, to do that very thing.  Continue your history lesson Edits, enjoy our history with the Annals.

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Just finished this. Fuckin' deceivers. Being deceitful. The ending completely caught me off guard.

Great read. I wonder about Mogaba. I'm now faced with a dilemma. The compendium put The Silver Spike after Dreams of Steel. I really want to just open up Book 6 and see what happens next, considering I have it available.. But if I do that I'm sure I won't get around to reading The Silver Spike after book 10. Bleh.


The Silver Spike after The White Rose is how I read it, and I think the best way. It just wraps up the North then and you get to focus on the South. It is an outstanding read though, and they only get better, if you can believe that!
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Silver Spike is best read after the Books of the North. 

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Just finished this one while on shift today. Needless to say, I knew what had happened to Lady, but like Tiger, the ending caught me off guard. Damn Deceivers. Can't wait to start reading the next book.