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First, read this *READ ME FIRST* post in full.  Once you have read it, in full to completely comprehension, you may return here and continue reading and/or check your status update.

In order to be considered for Recruitment into The Black Company, you must first read the Entire Charter and follow the instructions found within.  The instructions are simple and easy to follow.  We have worked on our recruiting process continually since our inception, refining it to what we believe works exceedingly well in its capacity to bring the most applicable people on board.  Every step in the process has purpose and meaning, which may or may not seem obvious at first.  Indeed, while our methods seem unnecessary and completely overbearing for most people, trust in the knowledge that if you are one of those people, we absolutely have no shame in telling you that we Do Not Want you here.  If you find our recruiting methods to be out of sync with your happiness in your gaming life, you can bet your ass you will absolutely hate Life in the Company. 

We are looking for a very specific, rare type of person, one who is ready to commit themselves to a degree which most cannot fathom.  We take our Company, our gaming, our time spent here, seriously.  We take it seriously because this is our Fun; this is where we spend our off-time, away from the real world in order to relieve stress, not create it.  Understand that while we use the word "seriously", it does not denote "life and death" seriousness.  It simply means we put a great deal of work into making this the best place to play.   We don't want impatient, immature slackers who think about nothing but themselves.  We want those who can believe in the team by way of a method of operation which gives it value inherent to its meaning. 

The Company membership roster has high and low number points.   There are other times when you'll find you have your choice of teams to join.   There are times when you may find yourself the only one online.   There are times when Recruiting is at a high and we are swelling in numbers.  There are other times when we hold off Recruiting for any number of reasons and our ranks thin out.  If you expect to be entertained without a modicum of self-sufficiency, you are barking up the wrong tree because that dog don't hunt.   We are adults, we are gamers, we are Company.  This is to say that we are not what you typically find in mmo gaming, a collection of friends doing this and that.  We aim to be as professionally organized as possible while never forgetting that our Primary Goal is to Have as Much Fuggin Fun as humanly possible.

Failure to adhere to any part of the explicit instructions will immediately disqualify you. If you are uncertain about any instructions, ask before you submit Anything.   If none of this makes any sense to you, you probably won't fit in. 

TBC10Q Approved - Offer of Recruitment - Acceptance Pending


TBC10Q Under Review - Vote Pending

Application Accepted - Cleared to file TBC10Q

Application Received - Processing - Pending Approval

Potential Applicants

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