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If you are here seeking recruitment, there are a few things you will need to do:

1. If you skipped over the registration agreement, as most people do, go back and read it.  It contains information that you will absolutely need to know in order to have any chance at all at gaining membership.

2.  Read the entire Charter.  Then read it again.   Then read it again.

3.  The Charter. is what many people consider to be a "long" read, at least in terms of a gaming guild charter.   If you cannot handle reading a document of this size, if this is "too long" for you, TBC isn't the right place for you.   Best to just move along now and save time for everyone.

4.  Read the entire Charter. carefully, thoroughly, entirely.  Do not skim it. Do not glance over it.  Do not browse it.  Read it through to complete understanding.

5.  TBC Charter - VIII. Applicant's Recruiting Information contains step by step instructions for applying to TBC.   The application process is long, stringent, exacting, and likely to be unlike any you have ever even heard of before in the entirety of mmo gaming.   It is this way by design.  Understand this before proceeding.

6.  The step by step instructions are clearly and carefully written in order to guide you through the process each step of the way.   In spite of this, there are many who do not follow the instructions.  If you do not follow the instructions to the letter, you will be denied, period.    If you skim the document, you will fail.  It's that simple.

7.  Read the entire document Before doing anything else here at TBCHQ.   If you miss a step, skip a step, take a step out of order, will be denied.  It's that simple.

8.  While our process is thorough, it isn't astrophysics.  It isn't complicated.  As previously stated, it's written out step by step, very plainly, very clearly.   All you have to do is read it and follow the steps, adhering to the instructions.   

9.  If you are uncertain about any part of the Charter or the Application Process, ask someone in the Company BEFORE you do any part listed in the Application Procedures.   

10.  Pay attention to every single sentence.  Each step has a purpose.   

11.  If you are able to follow the instructions listed here and in the Charter, you just may have a chance at experiencing something wholly unique and extraordinary.  Those for whom our guild was designed and crafted will find the journey worth every single second.

12.  We do not allow the signature space to be utilized.  It is reserved for TBC members to display our Honors, or Ribbons/Medals.

There is another area called the "Personal Text" space, located under the Forum Profile -> Forum Profile section.   It doesn't provide as many characters as the Signature space, so you'll have to be creative and selective on what you place in there.

Better Luck, Greater Skill...No Regrets, No Excuse""]
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