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Slow to start
« on: Nov03-2010, 17:19:09 »
Does anyone remember if the novels were slow to start / hard to get into? I vaguely recall that being the case but I've read them a few times now and the first book is more fun (early on) each time I read it since I know more things that you wouldn't know otherwise.

I talked my wife into picking up the first book and she's saying it is kinda slow and hard to follow right now. It may just not be her bag, but I don't want to really push her to keep reading and "it will get better, it's just slow at the beginning" if that isn't really the case.

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Re: Slow to start
« Reply #1 on: Nov03-2010, 17:53:09 »
"Hard to follow" is what I hear the most.   That is precisely the reason why her second opinion throws me off.   As anyone who has read the Annals, it jumps right in.   Croaker is reporting to the Captain and getting orders to take out the Blues by the fourth page.  To my recollection, the most common pick up point for those who find it a bit hard to chew the first few bites, is by page 12.  By that point, it's moving right along and you already know you're dealing with a lot of grey morality.  Croaker's cynicism is laid on thick from jump street, which for me, sets the pace just right as he chronicles the sure and steady escalation of hardships the Company endures.   By the middle of the first novel, his grumbles take on a nearly optimistic glow as\all the Really fucked up shit kicks off.

I can't recall too too many Really Great and Fun things that happen to the Company.   There are victories, to be sure, but they come at such great cost, I always end up reading even that much faster so I can end my day's reading on some shred of success.    Oddly enough, all the strife, death, and resistance are what drives me to read on.  There are so many lessons to be learned, so much real to life humanity so well relayed.

I would also advise anyone who plans to read them all that the Annalist changes, a few times.  I never say more than that because I'm always being asked if Croaker dies.    I simply say that things change, ranks change, promotions and demotions have to read it for yourself.
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Re: Slow to start
« Reply #2 on: Nov03-2010, 18:07:31 »
The first few pages of the first book definitely threw me off.

Within the first 5-10 pages, I didn't know if I was dealing with fantasy, future sci-fi, modernistic setting, etc.

I couldn't pinpoint much since it wasn't laid out clearly. Once I figured out a few of the basics in the first book, I got into it a bit more.

I don't know your wife well enough to say if she's the kind of person who would like the books... (or do i?) but, I'd tell her to try and get through the first book, it's not really that long a read, and then decide if she wants to continue.
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Re: Slow to start
« Reply #3 on: Nov03-2010, 18:17:42 »
Sometimes I put words in people's mouths. I don't know if she actually said it was slow. :) Definitely not sure what is going on.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure if she'll keep with it but I tried to hint that more interesting stuff is coming down the road and that the stuff she is reading now in some ways is not important and that it just sets everything up for the next gig.

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Re: Slow to start
« Reply #4 on: Nov03-2010, 20:08:39 »
I'm more than halfway. Through the first book and for me, it was slow to start. There was a point that I wanted to stop reading alltogether, but I pressed on and the book does pick up.

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Re: Slow to start
« Reply #5 on: Nov04-2010, 15:28:09 »
I ran into the same stuff, book one does take a bit to get into. Well for me it did. Looking at structure between books Cook definitely shortens the chapter length which always helps keep me interested. I dunno if it's feeling more accomplished watching the chapters tick by quicker or what, but I prefer shorter chapters compared to the 20-30 page chapters which Cook starts the first book with.

I'd say half way through the first book the hook was set pretty deeply and I never had another break between then and finishing the series.

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Re: Slow to start
« Reply #6 on: Nov04-2010, 18:02:56 »
For anyone that reads a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, we are accustomed to the first chapter of a book describing the world map and political settings along with the key characters.  Cook does not spend time on that and just gets working on the characters, or .. more specifically... the main character... The Black Company... so you have to form the "world" picture in your head as you go along.

Me.. I like the way he did it... but I understand the "lost feeling" a first time reader feels through the first 20 pages.... I felt it too.
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Amun Akris

Re: Slow to start
« Reply #7 on: Nov16-2010, 19:22:30 »
If you didn't understand, it's because your frakking retarded. BLAM!

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Re: Slow to start
« Reply #8 on: Nov18-2010, 23:37:24 »
Cook is something special.  Been reading him since 1988 and just can't get enough of him. Sometimes it takes a while but once he has his hooks into you it game over.