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The Black Company - By Glen Cook
« on: Sep19-2009, 22:24:40 »

On Wikipedia

Read Them, Live Them, Learn Them.  These our the Annals we have managed to keep safe down through the Ages.  From these readings, the Annalist reminds us who we Are and what we have done, so that we may have some insight into who we will become and where we are going.   

If you enjoy Fantasy Novels, do yourself a favor and pick up these books, give them a read.   If you have no interest in our guild, do yourself a favor and pick up these books, give them a read.   Give Glen Cook his due, help him retire in style, and get those last two books finished. 

It is important to know one thing about our guild when it comes to the Lore from which we were inspired:  We are not the Black Company from the novels.  We are the Company After the novels, down the through the ages.   As it is well stated in our Charter, we are Not Role Players; we are Lore Players.  This is our Lore.  It is an immortality of a sort.   

Our members who complete the entire series will earn the coveted Historian Badge, our Highest Honor, to be placed first in precedent among all awards.   

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