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We first and foremost wish to thank Glen Cook for his amazing creation.  While he believes many of us who take on such projects as clubs and organizations based on his work are just plain nutjobs who "need to get a life", well, we love our lives and we thank him anyway with his grumpy old self.   I chose the Black Company as the perfect guild model, so many years ago, for a few solid reasons which remain relevant and appreciated by our members to this day.

The first reason was that in order to have a rallying principle, I felt that it was and is imperative to deviate from the standard old "one guy runs the guild and it dies without him" mentality.   I believe, we believe, that it is the work of every single one of us that makes the Company what it is.   The Black Company from the novels works exactly in this same manner, shown in the events following the deaths of several prominent characters throughout the entire series.   While we won't tell you who dies in the books, we will say that nobody is safe and as in the real world, people die.  Many of us believe this is one of the core strengths of the series, providing the foundation which makes the Company that much more realistic.   Now, while nobody has died on us yet, there are always those who come and go, for whatever reasons, creating the relevant parallel.   

The second reason was to provide a long standing tradition that could be delved into, deeply, and didn't originate with the work of a single person or persons.   Some would consider this cheating, would say "hey, write your own back story".   There isn't much to say to those people, at least, that would create an actual conversation.  You just can't argue with hot air.  Let it suffice to say that this incredibly rich story provided by Glen Cook has been wonderfully augmented by our many years of operation.   Our own guild's history, much like the Company of the novels, has its share of ups and downs, with victories, defeats, great periods of growth, and sparse population.   Through it all, the fundamental attraction to a group of outcasts and miscreants bound to one another by a morality and code only truly known and appreciated by those who live the life by walking the walk, has taken on a life of its own.   

The last thing that can be said about our view on this guild and its roots of inspiration is that we have never nor will ever claim or pretend to be the Black Company in those novels.  We are the Company After those novels.   We have our own thing.  Cook didn't write a blueprint for guild building, did not provide the rules and operating procedures for a gaming organization.   Many of our rules, while they can find precedent and attributes that are either directly taken from and/or influenced by the novels, are also found within many real world military and civilian organizations.    We have added a few ranks of our own, while at the same time honoring those ranks found within the books.    Our rules of forum usage, ventrilo usage, and game behavior are our own.  Our tactics and warfare methodologies are creations born on the battlefields that we have fought and died upon, won and lost.    This is Our guild, and we're damn proud of it.

The purpose for this section is to pay homage to the novels that gave us, continue to give us, incredible and worthy inspiration, offer up a world of imagination, and secure in good order those ties that bind.    This section is to discuss those novels amongst each other as well as with the outside world.   This is our version of a virtual book club, dedicated to Glen Cook's The Black Company series.


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