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Greetings Crowslip,

Welcome to TBCHQ.    How did you find us?  

If you have come seeking Recruitment, start with this thread in the Recruiting Office:


A strong presence on the forums goes a very long way toward being accepted as a Recruit.  The Charter explains the TBC Forum Usage Policy in full.

Once you are done reading the Charter, if you're still here, the next step on your journey is to dig into The Commons.   Read, Post, get involved, get to know the Brothers.  

Use this thread to ask whatever questions you may have, but don't stay confined to just this thread.  Be patient, active, and above all, honest with yourself on precisely what it is you want in a guild experience.      

Glen Cook's The Black Company series / Thuggee
« Last post by Drifter on May15-2016, 16:59:19 »
Might have been mentioned before, or it might be common knowledge that I just never picked up on. Just discovered this randomly the other day, thought it was worth sharing.

Glen Cook based The Deceivers on this group of people:  Thuggee
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Battlefield 1
« Last post by Junkkmann on May11-2016, 15:00:29 »
that looks awesome and brutal at the same time!

The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Battlefield 1
« Last post by Soul on May10-2016, 23:35:39 »
Have any of you guys seen the release trailer? It looks sweet.  Not many WW1 FPS games out there so this one should be very interesting.
Trailer: [ ]
The Forsberg campaigns were an interesting time. It'd be great to have characters like Elmo, Captain, and Silent back in the mix. Also am interested to see where he leaves the company in Port of Shadows.  Most of all, I just want to  read  more of the Taken bickering with each other, because who doesn't love world class sorcerers squabbling like children.
I can't imagine the political intrigue that would be told of during the Forsberg Campaigns. It's going to be a good 'un, no doubt.
I want to read "A Pitiless Rain" even more, which is odd because it's an anthology of stories that take place around the time of the Forsberg campaigns.   Reading about the future after Soldiers Live is exciting, but not as much as reading about the Old Days.   
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Gloria Victis
« Last post by Soul on Apr29-2016, 02:22:42 »
yeah their combat system is similar to M&B
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