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No offense taken, Soul. My days, and weeks, and months have been passing slowly. Waiting in Camp for the Company to deploy to Star Citizen when the time comes. Pleasure to meet you. As stated previously, stick around, read around, post around. Wouldn't hurt to check out the Annals, either.
Well hello then, twin of sorts. How goes your day?

(No offense intended by the former part,  guess I misread.)
The former Annalist? I take it that's good thing then.

*ahem* Current. And this dude DOES sound like me.
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: star citizen
« Last post by Soul on Apr23-2016, 18:17:30 »
The SC Team is going pretty  in depth with all the things they are including in Star Citizen. It blows my mind. What I'm truly excited for is the boarding. I can't wait to  have ship to ship combat, with boarding parties going back and forth from vessel to vessel. Especially with the Bengal carriers, those things are massive.  Awful  complicated to acquire them though, but seeing those in action would be well worth the time spent.
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / star citizen
« Last post by Junkkmann on Apr20-2016, 20:05:49 »
pretty excited to try the exploration aspect, cant wait until i can afford to get a freelancer dur or the next step up with a crew of 5. 

read the mining career and that sounds a little complex, at least for an orion
Welcome to the boards Soul, well met, stick around, post around.
The former Annalist? I take it that's good thing then.
he sounds like Patches

(Sorry it's a bit of a read, )
Greetings all,
Sorry to disappoint everyone, but no. I am not any Soul you have known prior, merely one who got inspiration for my username (SoulShadow) from the notorious Soulcatcher. I had stumbled upon this site years ago when searching for questions to my queries on the Black Company series, and have been a lurker since. I had just made an account approx. 1 week ago to view the application process, just in time for my bloodydamn AiO cooler to fry the cpu/mobo of my rig (Only slightly inconvenient as I'm upgrading this summer but back to the point.)

During my revisit, I had noticed you guys have moved on from EVE to gearing up for Star Citizen and it had piqued my interest, for am planning on playing SC heavily and very much appreciate a structured/closed receuitment gaming group.  From my prior experience in RTS/RPG games I have learned these types of organizations allow you to fully experience the game, as people work together and no one has a massive ego that they parade about.

Unfortunately, I am at the ripe young age of 18, and as such, and since the charter states age exceptions are only made to those approached by the Company, shall have to lurk on for another 3 years. A pity, but rules are rules I guess, and a group that had lasted this long wouldn't fade away that fast now would it?
- Soul
 Dedicated Lurker/ Part-time mediocre funnyman/ Future Applicant

Last Note (Who am I kidding it's another paragraph): Apologies if my writing is very long and pompous sounding. I am a long time veteran of this RTS game Lords and Knights, and have picked up this habit of writing little paragraphs of responses from time as a guild diplomat and being on the leadership council. And this has turned into yet another mini paragraph. Damn.

Side Side Note: I have begun reading entries in your annals section and they are very nice reads. Solid work there.

I guess since I went on so long I'll have to re-end this, so here it goes.

This has been Soul,
and I don't know how to end this.
Looking forward to talking to you all in the threads,
And I hope my sarcastic self doesn't make me look like an ass.
(This whole thing is much better if you read it in a radio car salesman voice.)
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