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The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Battlefield 1
« Last post by Soul on May10-2016, 23:35:39 »
Have any of you guys seen the release trailer? It looks sweet.  Not many WW1 FPS games out there so this one should be very interesting.
Trailer: [ ]
The Forsberg campaigns were an interesting time. It'd be great to have characters like Elmo, Captain, and Silent back in the mix. Also am interested to see where he leaves the company in Port of Shadows.  Most of all, I just want to  read  more of the Taken bickering with each other, because who doesn't love world class sorcerers squabbling like children.
I can't imagine the political intrigue that would be told of during the Forsberg Campaigns. It's going to be a good 'un, no doubt.
I want to read "A Pitiless Rain" even more, which is odd because it's an anthology of stories that take place around the time of the Forsberg campaigns.   Reading about the future after Soldiers Live is exciting, but not as much as reading about the Old Days.   
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Gloria Victis
« Last post by Soul on Apr29-2016, 02:22:42 »
yeah their combat system is similar to M&B
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Gloria Victis
« Last post by Stone on Apr28-2016, 17:11:52 »
Looks like M&B Warband: Reduex
That is funny ... him thinking those little two liners are long winded paragraphs.  Welcome Soul ... and if and when you get a chance to peruse the forums in full, you will see that for many of us, your post is naught but a tweet amongst novels.

As Tek pointed out... the age of a man is not always counted by how many days he has walked on the earth.  I can think back to Tiger as one example.
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Gloria Victis
« Last post by Junkkmann on Apr28-2016, 13:21:32 »
i tried it for the crafting sandbox aspect but only played one time.  its still pretty alpha-ey and clunky yet.  not bad though.
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Gloria Victis
« Last post by Soul on Apr28-2016, 01:36:41 »
Have any of you guys seen trailers/ gameplay from Gloria Victis?
Website: [ ]
Trailer: [ ]
- Sounds/ Shaders are kinda clunky in the trailer, but then again, it's still in alpha.
Pre-Alpha Footage: [ ]

I stumbled across this a few days ago and thought it might be worth sharing.
It has a really interesting combat system, with no player targeting and no crazy specials. They even are planning on implementing things such as feints and parries. It would be nice if they had some magic element, even if just a light mage system, but understand why they chose to stick to the realistic aspect of it.
The game not only seems to have a sound combat system, GV seems to have a strategy element, with the realistic combat making flanking/maneuvering a more important aspect than before.
They will have PvP territories and sieges of towns/cities/castles/capitols.
The armor will vary from light to heavy, affecting how much stamina movements cost/ how maneuverable you would be in battle. 
All this coupled with the fact you can build your own keeps/ defenses/siege equipment makes this sound very promising. Especially keep building.
The game looks awesome and is a definite purchase for me as of now.

Almost forgot: they also are including backers in the dev process. Backers get to vote on new features/etc. An element I believe they are planning on continuing for updates/etc.
Thanks Tekerton,
Hopefully you guys will get to know me pretty well, and it's great to know you guys don't mind reading hastily constructed paragraphs.

On a side note:
Still waiting on Pitiless Rain and Port of Shadows.
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