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Hail and welcome friend !
Happened to me too, way back. No idea why it does that.

Just changed my email...  O.o

Greetings Waam,

Welcome to TBCHQ.    How did you come to be here?

If you have come seeking Recruitment, start with this thread in the Recruiting Office:


Once you are done reading the Charter if you're still here, the next step on your journey is to dig into The Commons.   Read, Post, get involved, get to know the Brothers.  

A strong presence on the forums goes a very long way toward being accepted as a Recruit.  The Charter explains the TBC Forum Usage Policy in full.

Use this thread to ask whatever questions you may have, but don't stay confined to just this thread.  Be patient, active, and above all, honest with yourself on precisely what it is you want in a guild experience.      

-STICKY THREADS- / Re: The Boobs and Buns Thread **NSFW**
« Last post by Algheri on Dec20-2016, 00:50:14 »

Star Cit is fuggin Amazing.   You can play it right now.   It will launch next year.

If you have any doubts that it is ... not "will be" ... IS the most incredible mmo Ever created, you have but to see it for yourself.   I highly recommend that you do.

That said, welcome to TBCHQ, Epicuras.   Should you decide you want to run with some fellow old farts and make some grand new adventures a part of your life, stick around.   It's worth the trip.
Thank you for the welcome.  The site I used to go to was 

I recall hearing about a split.  It had to happen around or at the time I was recruited by Faraday (sp) in Warhammer Online in 2008.  He went by a different name on the forums which I am drawing a blank on.    I played WAR in beta until TBC moved onto Aion.  I didn't become a brother until between WAR and Aion.  We played both WAR and Aion beta for awhile until launch.  At launch we transitioned out of WAR completely.  Aion didn't last last long.  We than moved onto Rift which didn't last long either.  I got new game fatigue.  I settled on EVE for a while, but TBC no longer had much of a presence in the game.  I played Leagued of legends with a few TBC brothers.  I also dabbled in World of Tanks for a while with other brothers.  TBC was spread out between many games.  I retried in 2014.

All that being said, how is  star citizens?
No no Patches... that is not Epiphone...

Epicuras was a member of the other TBC, based on what I read on the Eve Forums.

Thanks for clearing that up, Stone. Welcome to the Forums Epicurus
No no Patches... that is not Epiphone...

Epicuras was a member of the other TBC, based on what I read on the Eve Forums.

Yes, our charter is fairly similar to the other, because our Tekerton wrote it like 15 years ago.  About 8 years ago, there was a... well difference in opinions among the brothers... and many of us old dogs moved on and recreated TBC with some of the original crew and went from there.  Both Merc groups have had a good run since... and we've even had some competitive adventures over the years.

Welcome to our forum, none-the-less, Epicuras... :)
Epiphone? Is that you?  :WhatNot:
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