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i'd love to hear stories, it's nice to hear what the others are doing, and if i can learn something or two, even better
YarHo AetherMars ... kinda diggin the moniker you've chosen.  Inspired by Eric Flint novel? 

Pull up a chair full of seat and read some old dogs stories.
And .. Woo hey! What's up Cookie!
I just like the fact that Eliza is a TBC fan ... lets recruit her post haste!

I'm not sold on Dushku as The Lady either.. but I think our original pick my be a bit too old now... Kate Beckensale is still smoking hot though...

Megan Fox has the right look these days.. but I don't think she has the acting chops...

I'd like see someone like Amber Heard get a shot at it ...

Hell .. Buffy's lil sister Michelle Trachtenberg is of the right age now too.
Thank you for the invite, i was a fan of the Black Company books (I lost most of them during a box shipping incident many years back) i was hoping to learn about your current stationed area, hoping to see my future brothers and speak with them (I prefer interaction with them so i can learn the do and don't around them) i look forward to working with you

What do you have in mind, AetherMars?
We need to all put in our choices again for the living actors capable of playing the roles.   I do NOT like Eliza Dushku for The Lady.   She's hot and no doubt capable of filling in somewhere, she's just not The Lady hawt.    I'll work up my list and post it up...gimme a damn reason to get back to these hallowed halls of ours what has become so dusty and moldy and shit.
That leaves Netflix, then. Boys, start writing letters if you want this shit to be good.
Best case it gets picked up by Netflix, if not Netflix, HBO. If this goes broadcast channels, it will be garbage. I don't think HBO will pick it up since they just announced 4 GoT spin offs.
Welcome to the boards! It's a tad quiet around here these days - we're in between deployments at the moment and seem to be spending most of our time lingering on Discord. I'm sure the Cap or Lt will bounce you some info to find us on Discord and to fill you in. In the meantime, have a look around. Even as a noob to the boards with restricted access there's still a lot to read about. We've got a pretty long and colourful history...  and never fear, there's something on the horizon too.
OMG. In the Olde Days we always thought it would be a movie .. and that was pure wishful thinking.

I guess it makes perfect sense given the success of series like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad etc. I can see how it could be done as a gritty dark fantasy  soap opera. Lots of talking.... a bit of fighting here and there, main characters getting killed off.

I'm of 2 minds - 1) Don't fuck it up and 2) I wish they wouldn't - I like it that nobody knows our secret.
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