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The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Its alive!!!
« Last post by Waam on Dec02-2018, 04:00:08 »
Its the second coming!
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Its alive!!!
« Last post by Waam on Nov16-2018, 14:29:10 »
Good job!
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Yo
« Last post by Anja Talis on Aug15-2018, 09:47:13 »
Not awesome yet.   I keep trying.     :sl:
-STICKY THREADS- / Re: The Boobs and Buns Thread **NSFW**
« Last post by Kithid on Jul15-2018, 23:06:54 »
Why is this thread still not going?
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Empyrion
« Last post by jackroller on Jul12-2018, 20:31:04 »

We're playing on the Forgotten Space server.
Glen Cook's The Black Company series / Re: What is a "stellae"?
« Last post by Waam on Dec31-2017, 15:49:36 »
stella (plural stellae)

(botany) A star-shaped structure.
Welcome Back. 
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Re: Hello from a long time ago
« Last post by Tekerton on Nov17-2017, 15:10:18 »
Heya Rhino,

Great to see you, appreciate the update.  I replied to you PM...let's take it from there.
The Commons - Welcome Travelers / Hello from a long time ago
« Last post by Rhino on Nov12-2017, 23:30:08 »
Good evening,

I believe I initially played with members of this guild way back in the Rubi-Ka days, shortly after the Shadowlands expansion dropped. Years later, I ran into several members in Age of Conan of the aforementioned group, though I was using different names in both prior instances due to naming availability. While it's been over a decade since playing with the original group, I remember their guild being based around TBC series, as well as playing with members from The Red Brotherhood (more of a Conan bend). I'm not sure if any members ever crossed over between the two, but they were the only guilds I recall being focused around a book series.

While I realize it could have been a completely separate set of folks (and probably is), after finding this company, it felt like I'd stumbled across some folks with similar tastes in things. Well, books and gaming preferences at least. After reading the charter, I've enjoyed what I've seen and am eager to do my part.

Though I'll be traveling over the next week for work, I'll try to pop in as much as possible to contribute as per the charter requirement. Look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.
Welcome to TBCHQ.    Are you Friend, Foe, Fool, Follower?  

If you have come seeking Recruitment, If you have come seeking Recruitment, start with this thread in the Recruiting Office:


If you like what you see, be sure to explicitly follow the instructions found therein.

In the meantime, stick around The Commons.   Read, Post, get involved, get to know the Brothers.  
Use this thread to ask whatever questions you may have of us.  You will find the Brothers quite eager to either answer your questions or simply try to ply you with  .    

But by all means, don't stay confined to just this thread.    A strong presence on the forums goes a very long way toward successful completion of our rather stringent recruiting process.   The #commons has full details on our Forum Usage Policy.
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