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Title: Why was my account deleted?
Post by: Tekerton on Jun25-2008, 23:38:09
If you find that your account has been deleted, there are several reasons for such action having been taken by TBC Admin against you or your account.  You may fall under one or more of the following conditions.

All Applicants should be very mindful of not only the entire Charter (,3.0.html) at all times, do take special note of Item III, Section VIII. (,3.0.html#post_Recruitment) in regard to your account name and policy of account deletion.

Even if you come into our house and create drama, understand that we do not delete threads or posts in a malicious manner.   We here at are deeply opposed to hostile moderation.   

While your behavior may result in the removal of your account, your behavior will be left in place to serve as proof that we absolutely enforce all of our rules across the board.   Simply put, we don't destroy the content of our Annals to make history fit our version of reality.   Let those who come later decide for themselves. 

If you were removed erroneously, simply create a new account.  If you have a place here, your place will be here.
Title: Re: Why was my account deleted?
Post by: Tekerton on Mar16-2011, 06:41:40