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Deployment : EVE Online
Featured Album - Owner: Tekerton - 225 items
The Black Company's adventures during our Deployment to CCP's EVE Online
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Xtra posted by Xtra Sep08-2011, 19:47:38 169
Avatar image for Xtra.
Arriving at Jita 4-4 posted by Xtra Jun26-2011, 12:08:20 177
Protest 3 posted by Xtra Jun26-2011, 11:53:07 167
Protest conga line
Protest 2 posted by Xtra Jun26-2011, 11:50:39 155
A conga line of DNS
Protest posted by Xtra Jun26-2011, 11:48:11 161
The players have spoken. CCP has been judged.
The PoD! posted by Bastet May31-2011, 17:36:05 174
There it is! How could I have forgotten where it was -.-

Silly CCP.
Bastet's Carrier posted by Bastet May31-2011, 17:35:27 182
TBC EVE CPT posted by Bastet May31-2011, 17:33:24 169
New Maller posted by Bastet May30-2011, 09:58:39 172
The New Maller design
LT looting shit posted by Bastet May29-2011, 16:52:51 164
The LT taking the HEAT while I'm doing some salvaging in a faction plex.

The LT is that glowing hot ember at the end of the laser trails about 150KM out from the NPCs shooting at him.

Probe Combing Pattern posted by Bastet May14-2011, 18:32:23 171
A combing pattern with 7 probes that allows you to get a wider breadth.

With 8 Probes, instead of having one large central probe, having 2 central probes that become the outer extents of the scanning area continuing the pattern of 2 expanding probes per scale.
TrialPunisher posted by Epiphany May12-2011, 02:20:05 175
EVE Fitting Tool Apr26-2011, 09:25:15 1

From the EVE Online Official Forums:
Cruiser BPOs posted by Epiphany Apr22-2011, 04:23:07 193
The full monty posted by Bastet Apr20-2011, 21:43:36 230 4.98 (1 vote)
My girl down at the hangar.
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