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Deployment : EVE Online
Featured Album - Owner: Tekerton - 225 items
The Black Company's adventures during our Deployment to CCP's EVE Online
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Posted by Xtra
Sep 08, 2011
Arriving at Jita 4-4
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Posted by Xtra
Jun 26, 2011
Protest 3
Protest conga line
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Posted by Xtra
Jun 26, 2011
Protest 2
A conga line of DNS
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Posted by Xtra
Jun 26, 2011
The players have spoken. CCP has been judged.
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Posted by Xtra
Jun 26, 2011
The PoD!
There it is! How could I have forgotten where it was -.-

Silly CCP.
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Posted by Bastet
May 31, 2011
Bastet's Carrier
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Posted by Bastet
May 31, 2011
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Posted by Bastet
May 31, 2011
New Maller
The New Maller design
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Posted by Bastet
May 30, 2011
LT looting shit
The LT taking the HEAT while I'm doing some salvaging in a faction plex.

The LT is that glowing hot ember at the end of the laser trails about 150KM out from the NPCs shooting at him.

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Posted by Bastet
May 29, 2011
Probe Combing Pattern
A combing pattern with 7 probes that allows you to get a wider breadth.

With 8 Probes, instead of having one large central probe, having 2 central probes that become the outer extents of the scanning area continuing the pattern of 2 expanding probes per scale.
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Posted by Bastet
May 14, 2011
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Posted by Epiphany
May 12, 2011
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Apr 26, 2011
Cruiser BPOs
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Posted by Epiphany
Apr 22, 2011
The full monty
My girl down at the hangar.
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 Rating: 4.98
Posted by Bastet
Apr 20, 2011
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