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Deployment : Elder Scrolls Online
Featured Album - Owner: Tekerton - 29 items
The Black Company's adventures during our Deployment to Zenimax's The Elder Scrolls Online.
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Joy ride posted by Xtra Feb06-2015, 10:45:35 188
Taking the Wagon out for a spin.
siege2 posted by Xtra Oct29-2014, 20:47:02 185
siege1 posted by Xtra Oct29-2014, 20:46:26 170
Fishing posted by Xtra Oct29-2014, 20:46:43 177
Fishing in ESO
Last man standing posted by Xtra Oct29-2014, 20:47:27 170
MSgt Xtra: 29 Oct 2014.
Final exit from ESO by TBC
blood2 posted by Xtra Oct29-2014, 20:45:59 162
blood1 posted by Xtra Oct29-2014, 20:45:36 159
PvP Training Cryodil posted by Xtra Jun17-2014, 18:08:17 165
5 on 2, the Lt and Msgt conduct PvP training in Cryodil
Old Epiphany posted by Xtra Jun01-2014, 11:50:56 179 1
I'll drink to that.
Fishing1 posted by Xtra May15-2014, 07:27:55 159
Dungeon Run 11 May 2014 posted by Xtra May12-2014, 07:45:46 178
MSGT Xtra, Lt Paxton, SSG Lao, Waam
Emergence posted by Waam May08-2014, 22:09:36 169
So it begins... The first Vampire in the Company.
Impressive armor graphics posted by Waam May07-2014, 23:06:26 175
'Nuff said...
Grahtwood Treasure Map V posted by Xtra May07-2014, 20:41:02 167
Unlimited Power posted by Waam May07-2014, 03:26:39 161
Even the finery of a noble cant disguise this...
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