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AFK Gaining Labor
« on: Jan21-2015, 02:57:11 »
Hey guys i know people have been asking me to run the dungeon yesterday. Just wanted to give a reason for my lack of response i have been afk behind a wall behind some buildings gaining labor. I will be available the next couple of days since i will be swapping back to a day shift again. Waam and i are running the same schedule. So if hes on i can usually get on unless I am busy with my significant other.

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Re: AFK Gaining Labor
« Reply #1 on: Jan21-2015, 07:58:06 »
Lots of people are mysteriously in the game when they really aren't ... it's OK :) Just drop into S1 sometime and you'll probably find me acting like a bartender who is ignoring his patrons.

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Re: AFK Gaining Labor
« Reply #2 on: Jan21-2015, 11:48:35 »
I'm even worse... I hide in bushes...

I can understand as I work from home sometimes and I'll leave my character on AFK.


Re: AFK Gaining Labor
« Reply #3 on: Jan21-2015, 14:13:35 »
I use an unguilded alt to sit afk, if I am not around.

Keeps people from asking if I am there or not.  If I am partially afk and able to tab in to see the game once in a while, I use my main.