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Greetings ShadowDrifter,

Welcome to TBCHQ.    How did you come to be here?

If you have come seeking Recruitment, start with this thread in the Recruiting Office:


Once you are done reading the Charter if you're still here, the next step on your journey is to dig into The Commons.   Read, Post, get involved, get to know the Brothers.  

A strong presence on the forums goes a very long way toward being accepted as a Recruit.  The [rul=",29033.0.html]Charter[/url] explains the TBC Forum Usage Policy in full.

Use this thread to ask whatever questions you may have, but don't stay confined to just this thread.  Be patient, active, and above all, honest with yourself on precisely what it is you want in a guild experience.      

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Welcome Shadow. Take a gander, ask any questions


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Welcome to the forums, glad you made it.  :yh:

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Welcome Shadow!

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Welcome !

<-- Lumper in-game.

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Yar and welcome!

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This seems like the thread to introduce myself in...
My name is ShadowDrifter I've been playing AA since launch.  But I've played many MMORPG's  over the last 5 years or so.
I'm 27 and married with a kid on the way, which has drastically cut down my game time. I work ever changing hours but I'm usually on late afternoon to mid evening.

Looking forward to killing people with you all. Reds/greens just point me towards what needs killing.

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Yar, a fellow newblood - and bloodthirsty too.  Welcome aboard, ShadowDrifter.

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Welcome to the boards both of yous. Read around, make sure ye check out the boobs and post some stuffs so we can get a feel for ya.