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Deployment : Age of Conan
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The Black Company's adventures during our Deployment to Funcom's Age of Conan
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Images from various media featuring Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian
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The Emperor's Golem Sep29-2011, 20:16:02 195
That's one big motherfucker
Dayne picture009 posted by Dayne Sep11-2011, 16:39:11 161
Dayne picture008 posted by Dayne Sep11-2011, 16:39:02 168
Dayne picture001 posted by Dayne Sep11-2011, 16:38:52 166
TBC @ 1ST DeathWish Siege posted by Bastet Sep06-2011, 16:58:40 169 1 4.00 (1 vote)

Cimmeria End, Fort Bane,

The rally started at 3AM Eastern Standard. TBC was on site and rallied. The combat arrangements were pretty straight-forward. The outer walls were breached within 10 minutes on the South Wall, followed by another breach 10 minutes later on the inner South wall. The inner gate fell soon afterwards, and the Anvil of Crom and hands were forced to defend from the keep position. After 90 minutes, the keep was at ~15% life and victory.

On top of the world... posted by Waam Aug30-2011, 13:49:21 159 3.02 (1 vote)
Tier 2 Keep erection posted by Waam Aug28-2011, 16:55:34 170
Setsworn posted by Stone Aug25-2011, 05:01:24 173
DanSangGum Stats posted by Stone Aug25-2011, 05:01:23 154
DanSangGum posted by Stone Aug25-2011, 05:01:23 151
Widowmaker Tina posted by Stone Aug24-2011, 13:15:15 167
Widowmaker 20 posted by Stone Aug24-2011, 13:15:13 166
Tiger Ballet posted by Stone Aug24-2011, 13:15:10 144
Spellweaving PLS posted by Kingzmen Aug18-2011, 20:25:03 164
PLS Dayne, Xtra, Waam posted by Xtra Aug14-2011, 09:50:14 152
L to R: Dayne, Xtra, Waam in the PLS
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