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Low Bandwidth/No Images Use of TBCHQ (Lo-Fi Mode)
« on: Jan29-2011, 13:26:17 »
This is for anyone who is limited on bandwidth for any reason (such as you poor Australians with your bandwidth caps :( ) or those at work who don't want images to appear or just want to make it look like you are NOT at a gaming site.

You can force the site to appear in what is known as "Lo-Fi Mode" or Mobile Browsing Mode (which was designed for the pre-smart phone uber-mini browser era).

To enable this built in feature of SMF, you simply need to add the following characters to the end of the existing URL: 

Code: [Select]

So what you will end up with is this:

We recommend using this one as your bookmark as it forces the boards to show every single unread post since your last visit:;action=unread;all;start=0

Once engaged, it will stay in this mode until you either remove the added "?wap2" code OR by navigating to the bottom of any page and clicking on the link that reads "Go to full version".

You will lose many of the nifty features you get with the full version, but it's a small price to pay for safe browsing.  You still get your PM's, the View All Unread Posts, create new topics, basically everything you NEED to use the boards.

Easy as pie.  Enjoy
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Re: Low Bandwidth/No Images Use of TBCHQ (Lo-Fi Mode)
« Reply #1 on: Jan29-2011, 14:55:17 »
Exactly what the doctor ordered. Excellent.


Re: Low Bandwidth/No Images Use of TBCHQ (Lo-Fi Mode)
« Reply #2 on: Jan29-2011, 23:10:05 »
heck yes !