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Re: Your favorite movies?
« Reply #75 on: Jun15-2014, 14:02:24 »
*bows deeply*

Re-posting this from my off-topic good movies thread.

This thread is for posting about movies that you have seen that you feel were really good and should be shared.


This movie was really something. I'd never seen it before and yet it came out during the heyday of my youth. Starring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, the movie revolves around the idea of genetic manipulation and the resultant effect it can have on the society of humans as a whole. Its really quite a mind opener, kind of lets you peek into the future of what may very well could be a possibility of the future.

Sorry if there is another thread like this somewhere but I didn't search, said fuggem, and made one of my own.

Anyone else?

EDIT: Oh yeah, I also recently watched a new Dragon Ball Z movie titled Battle of the Gods, it was pretty damn good and fun to go back in the past and watch some good 'ole DBZ, but with much better graphics, the film is from 2013. Akira Toriyama said that the reception for Battle of the Gods was so good world-wide that he has decided to reboot the series and create another 200 episodes of DBZ. SAY WHAAAAAT?!

EDIT EDIT: I also recently watched Neon Genesis Evangelion: 3.33 - You Can(Not) Redo. Holy fuck. Just plain holy fuck. These Evangelion films are some of the most visually appealing things I have ever seen. They are absolutely packed with some of the most visually stunning scenes of any movie I have watched. Not to mention the story is crazy over the top, totally straying from the tale told in the anime series. New characters, completely new plot directions, its fucking awesome. Check these  out if you have any inkling of an interest in good movies, albeit Japanese 'anime' ones. I put the quotations because these films rise above what an average anime film would, they're masterpieces, through and through.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Brazil. A film by Terry Gilliam from 1985. If you've seen it, then you know what I'm talking about when I say it is a ride. I love the ending, love love love the ending. All throughout the film you're wondering 'how is this going to end up?' and it ends rather gloriously, if you catch my drift, for the protagonist. They picked the perfect person to play Sam Lowrie, the protagonist, and not to mention Michael Palin as Jack was a rather driving role as well, especially the ending. :)

Oh, and what about Bob Hoskins and Robert de Niro? 'nuff said.