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The expanding horizons...
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I've caught comments... I've heard whispers... once again... I don't get the details.  Such is life as the Annalist.  Sometimes you get the invite to sit at the table with The Captain and Lt. and you get to partake in the discussions, the decisions, the DIRECTION.  You feel important... you feel good to be in the Company cockpit playing with the pretty lights.   But other times ... you don't get that invite.  Sometimes you only get the orders after they are decided on.  Nothing stopping me from eavesdropping now and then (in the name of the Annals, of course. We have to get this shit recorded somehow.)  So I hear bits and pieces.  I shuffle them around.  I ponder on them. Then I put the puzzle together... and it gets the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.

Ever since I arrived in this place... I've focused my attention, regarding the "local" political climate, on the Gallente nation.  I've infiltrated their culture and am trying to climb up in the social and military circles of the Federation Navy ... doing freelance mercenary work for them.   By doing this .. I am left with no doubt what nation they have the most aggression towards.  The Caldari (scum).   They have had generations of bad blood, and they are seemingly always at each others throat.  Currently, the Gallente have an open war with the Caldari (scum)... making the Amarr none too friendly with Gallente either.  The Federation Navy loves to employ the Mercs to bolster their fighting force, as I am sure the Caldari (scum) do.  You can probably see where this is headed for The Black Company.

That's what I have come to understand, at least.  I believe The Captain has entered into some sort of contract with the Gallente Federation Navy... I can hear the gears of war begining to grind... it has already begun.

This is huge.

This is scary.

This is exactly what we are all about.
Somewhere not too many systems away is a whole heap of trouble waiting its turn to meet us head on.  We will need to be vigilant in our intel .. we will need to be tireless in our sentry duty ... we will need to be ready to fly as an effective fleet.

We've proven we can kick the livin shit out of some asteroids... and even lock horns with local pirates and come out ahead more often than not.  But this is a whole new level of whoop-ass ... and it's time for the Company to start dishing.

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Re: The expanding horizons...
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Re: The expanding horizons...
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Nicely done Annalist.

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Re: The expanding horizons...
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 :stamp_accepted: Nicely