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Greetings AetherMars,

Welcome to TBCHQ.    How did you find us?  

If you have come seeking Recruitment, start with this thread in the Recruiting Office:


A strong presence on the forums goes a very long way toward being accepted as a Recruit.  The Charter explains the TBC Forum Usage Policy in full.

Once you are done reading the Charter, if you're still here, the next step on your journey is to dig into The Commons.   Read, Post, get involved, get to know the Brothers.  

Use this thread to ask whatever questions you may have, but don't stay confined to just this thread.  Be patient, active, and above all, honest with yourself on precisely what it is you want in a guild experience.      

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Thank you for the invite, i was a fan of the Black Company books (I lost most of them during a box shipping incident many years back) i was hoping to learn about your current stationed area, hoping to see my future brothers and speak with them (I prefer interaction with them so i can learn the do and don't around them) i look forward to working with you

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Welcome to the boards! It's a tad quiet around here these days - we're in between deployments at the moment and seem to be spending most of our time lingering on Discord. I'm sure the Cap or Lt will bounce you some info to find us on Discord and to fill you in. In the meantime, have a look around. Even as a noob to the boards with restricted access there's still a lot to read about. We've got a pretty long and colourful history...  and never fear, there's something on the horizon too.
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