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Video Game Preservation and the Challenges
« on: Jun03-2015, 19:27:35 »
Special mention for MMO's that I liked... It's a good read. i skipped some parts, but the overall read is excellent for the type of games you are interested in wondering how they will preserve.

Dyson said that capturing the essence of a massively multiplayer game is similar in some ways to trying to capture the history of a sport, which goes well beyond maintaining records of the rules of play. "How do you preserve a record of baseball? You might collect written reports about games, videotape of gameplay. You're not keeping alive the game itself, but you're keeping alive a record of it," he said.

But Scott has a more radical idea for truly preserving these online worlds as a sort of living history, Williamsburg-style. Maybe in a few decades, Scott said, we'll see "the colonial village model, where you hire people to walk around like 1990s assholes" in emulated versions of early MMOs.