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One-Eye’s Old Fashioned Whatnot

    My ships engines ceased with a low hum and the docking bay catwalk was extended to my cockpit door. The Lieutenant’s ‘Battle Mammoth’ floated past my Kestrel and docked up, followed by Skinny’s Punisher. The operation that we returned from was quite fruitful. We only bagged one kill, but it was a Retribution so we were quite happy with ourselves.

    As my cockpit hatch opened with a hydraulic hiss, the smoke from my countless cigarettes spewed out in a miniature mushroom cloud. I heard a familiar chuckle below me on the flight deck and I looked down to see Skinny standing there with his arms crossed. I lit up another cigarette and climbed down the ladder from the catwalk to the flight deck and greeted Skinny with a firm handshake.

    “Damn fine flying out there Skinny, damn fine.”

    “You as well Patches,” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little ISK “Hey, wanna grab a mug of Whatnot?”

    “Oh, hell yeah I do. Put the ISK away Skinny, this round’s on me.”

    Skinny and I noticed the Lieutenant walking our way and we invited her along. She declined with the excuse that she had a combat debrief to write and that she was tired. When she was out of earshot, I elbowed Skinny in the ribs. “She’s so full of crap, bro. You and I both know she could have one drink with us.”

    I was shocked, first by Skinny’s glare, and then by the Lieutenant yelling at me from across the docking bay that she was not full of crap. I shot Skinny a surpised look and we went about our way, towards the Iron and Wine Cantina. After the incident with Gabe, the former barkeep, the Company managed to find a new barkeep and it was one we could trust. It took a week or so for the security checks to go through and the results to get back, but the Whatnot was once again being served.

    The cantina wasn’t too busy for this time of day, which was not unusual. There was some old rock and roll playing from the jukebox and idle chatter from some of the Company members inside. In the far left corner sat Standardbearer Kingzmen, Annalist Mocker, Staff Sergeant Xtra and the Captain illuminated by a single, dim overhead light. They were no doubt having a leadership meeting over some drinks. Kingz nodded to me and Skinny and we returned the nod as we sat down at a table.

    After we received our tall mugs of Whatnot, Skinny and I began shooting the shit. He certainly had some stories to tell of the history of the Company and I sat there, enthralled. I loved learning about the history of the Company, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I’ve gone down to the Annalist Headquarters countless times and even moreso upon becoming a Brother.


    Officers rarely talked business in front of enlisted members of the Company. Mocker, the new Company Annalist, is the exception to that rule, on occasion. As Annalist, a junior officer of sorts and quite a respected position, one’s job is to record the happenings within the Company into the Annals. This job allows one to sit in on applicant interviews and attend leadership meetings, among other things. Another very minor duty, in comparison, of the Annalist is to choose an Apprentice Annalist in times of absence or to help the Annalist carry out his tasks.

    Mocker took a swig from his mug. “I like the kid. Sure, he’s fucked up a couple times but, who hasn’t?”

    “This is true. He’s a good kid, a bit young but fairly disciplined. No doubt I’ve had to chew his ass and beat him into submission a couple of times, but he learned.” said Kingzmen as he nodded towards Skinny. It was too dark in the cantina to see who Skinny was with, but Kingz was sure that the nod was returned by both. Probably another damn conscript.

    “He does have a lot to work on though, let’s not forget that,” The Captain said while motioning for the barkeep. ”Yes, he’s done rather well with the CPCT and definitely put his best foot forward. Damned if I wasn’t proud when I awarded him his Brother status, as I’m sure you all were.”

    Staff Sergeant Xtra raised his glass to the silent toast and the other three followed suit. Xtra could barely pay any attention to what was being said at the table and when asked for his thoughts on the matter, he shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He was tired; stayed up all night working on supply logistics and crunching numbers and continued to work on them at the cantina. Xtra was the only one at the table that didn’t have a glass of Whatnot. He chose instead a cup of coffee to aid him to stay awake. It helped, but not as much as he had hoped. 

    The Captain received another mug of Whatnot, took a swig and sighed in sweet releif. “Mocker, the call is ultimately yours. If it’s what you want, then I trust your decision making. In the mean time, I’ve got some preparing to do prior to Conscript Starlyle’s interview tonight so I must take my leave.”

    The three bid the Captain farewell and went back to their drinks and discussion. Kingz looked around the room and was happy to see so many new faces. More faces for him to stomp into the ground and pick them back up the way he wanted them.

    There was a reason that Kingzmen was the Standardbearer. After all, the Captain hand-picked the Standardbearer and as the Company Charter states:

“The Standardbearer is an Honorary Billet granted to the Veteran Brother who embodies our philosophical values and adheres to our methodologies to such a degree as to be an example for one and all. According to the Annals, the Standardbearer is the Keeper of the Company Standard, a black Lance of purported magical properties upon which is hung the banner chosen by the Company at that time.”

    Kingzmen, according to the Company as a whole, definitely deserved the billet. He fit the bill in every sense of the postion described within the Charter. It would be hard to say that there was ever a soul within The Black Company who didn’t admire and respect Kingzmen to the fullest degree. Even the Conscripts looked up to him and they haven’t even gotten to see the real Kingzmen.

    The dark haired and burly Standardbearer took a swig from his mug and mentioned to Mocker and Xtra that he was happy to see the applications rolling through. Xtra began to nod off and was awakened by a casual punch from Kingzmen in the arm.

    “Hey crazy, why don’t you get some sleep? Seriously, get the hell out of here and hit the rack.”

    Xtra thought long and hard about going to sleep, he really did want to. Yet, he decided against it. There was work to be done and he needed it to get done post haste. Xtra declined the suggestion to sleep and went back to the stack of paperwork before him, ignoring the world around him.

    Suddenly a scuffle broke out in the Cantina, over by where Skinny was. Punches were being thrown, tables were being knocked over, glasses were falling to the ground and shattering into tiny glistening pieces of glass. Son of a bitch, not again, thought Kingzmen. He stood up and marched his way to the fight, intent on beating some heads in.

(by Patches)
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