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« on: Aug13-2010, 13:29:57 »
I had made a new contact. It’s too early to say that he is a friend, but so far he has proven to be a useful.. colleague. He goes by the name of Yiaesase. Hard to type out in a message, impossible to pronounce. Yesterday I had went with him and several others in a patrol around Gallente and Caldari low security space, him leading the squad. I didn’t know anybody . Random people of various ranks from the militia hungering for a fight. And fights we did get. The first one being a Jaguar on a gate. I was the scout, and had been ordered to point while reinforcements arrived. I disrupted his warp drives, but he was not daunted. He began firing back at me, and by the time I realized I was on the losing side of this engagement, it was too late. My Rifter’s vital points had been critically damaged. The core reactor had overloaded, turning my Rifter into a short lived fireball. I escaped safely in my pod, and when reinforcements finally did arrive, the Jaguar pilot had made short work of them as well.

Not the best start to a patrol, but I was not yet discouraged. I headed back to Scully and reshipped to a tougher frigate, one boasting incredibly heavy shields for a ship of it’s size. My itty little Merlin had thought itself to be a cruiser. On the way back, two more militia pilots had joined up with us. We all regrouped in the Fliet system in Gallente space and moved on from there. After several jumps and seeing no action, we established ourselves in Nisuwa, keeping an active patrol between heavily trafficked gates. The first to fall victim to our group was a Caldari interceptor. His ship was agile, but not agile enough to escape our own Interceptors. He melted under the fire, so quickly that I did not even have time to get a single volley off.

We had a few more successful engagements, a Caracal, who’s pilot was pod killed as well. Following that shortly, we engaged a very unlucky pirate by the moniker of Whooopa. He quickly fell to heavy fire. It seemed the Caldari had learned their lesson. We encountered very little traffic for the next 30 minutes, and the one we did find managed to escape our wrath. Our Fleet Commander went to reship to something bigger, so we could successfully engage a larger variety of ships. Some cosmic force decided it had a grudge against the man, and chose to send a Vagabond our way just when he was several jumps away, stepping on board his own heavy assault ship. We gave it all we had, but the Minmatar cruiser proved to be too much for our fleet of frigates. By the time our own big bad ship arrived, he was long gone with two more kills on his pilot’s record. We all went to our respective home bases to reship to something bigger, but orders being as they are I was not able to join them. There were more pressing matters to attend to anyways, like food and sleep. Much more pressing matters.

The next day I had contacted Yis (Yiaesase), and asked if he was up to mess with the days of pilots fighting for the Caldari Navy. Yis was up to it, though it was only him. I had my fair share of paranoia, like what if he was gonna shoot me dead out in the middle of nowhere space.. But I quelled the little voice in my head and went along with him anyway. The ship I was flying was mere pocket change to me anyway. We ran a circuit around all the low security areas designated for faction warfare. At the near midpoint of the pipe, in a system called Vey, we noticed the signature of a celestial beacon that had recently had a pilot warp to it. There was only one person in the system besides us, a war target. We quickly made our way over to the beacon.

Lo and behold, a certain Airric piloting a Nemesis. A Gallente stealth bomber. He was engaged with some of our own, Gallente Federation ships. Yis quickly caught up with him moving in a Vigil, one of the speediest frigates in existence. He moved at almost 8 clicks a second, closing the distance between us and him in a matter of seconds. The pilot was trapped. He attempted to shoot down Yis, but his efforts were for naught. I caught up to the skirmish shortly and engaged him. His paper thin frigate melted. We looted the wreck, with me grabbing the cloaking device; a rather expensive module. Yis was a very handy colleague indeed. We circled back to the staging area of the Gallente, Villore. Once we repaired, got ammo, and dropped of our spoils, we went for one more run. There were no encounters this time around, but that was fine by me. I was up a 7 million module. That could of bought me 7 more fully fitted frigates.

An hour later first sergeant Bastet had become available, and we went for one more patrol. It was rather eventful, and we successfully fragged a Thrasher and made it home alive. But I will save the details for another day, I am tired, and if I keep on writing I will not do the events justice. Until then.

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Re: Patrols
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Thought I had already commented on this.   Great work, Tiger...keep it up