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And so it begins...
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We have not been here long.  Merely infants crawling on the doormat of a new world.  Scouts arrived through the gate a few months ago to find the most advanced world the Black Company had seen since Tatooine.  Space travel.  Not just launching orbitals, but actual warp jumping, system hopping; thousands and thousands of populated and productive worlds.  Base camps were secured, and the call to bring the troops through went out.  We reviewed the political and economical climates and found them volatile and thriving.  There are four major factions out here, Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente and Caldari… each in varying stages of hatred for one another.  Wars are always happening, or on the verge of happening.  Even the myriad of private corporations that populate the universe are in a constant state of unrest.  Yes, yes… the perfect environment for the Black Company.  We studied voraciously to learn the technology, and we launched ourselves full fledged into the system.  First Sergeant Bastet spent the most time in this .. world .. on the advanced scouting team, and has brought a wealth of knowledge of the technology and tactics use in waging war.  The Company is beginning to gather up a small crew to fly operations together... and it's time to scratch out our own piece of space.

We have not been here long.   Yet, we have a base of operations on a Gallente Federal Navy starbase in Scolluzer… “Scully” we call it. (because we can never resist assigning nicknames.)   Lt. Epiphone and Top Slagmar have gotten the support division rolling.  For now they concentrate on collection of materials and refining.  It won’t be long before production of Company equipment starts flowing.  First Sergeant Bastet has been drilling the bejeezuz out of the men… training us all to use the technology to the best of our abilities.  We jump in our frigates and spar outside the station… working out the kinks in combat scenarios.  Some kinks are deeper than others, as a few of the test battles ended in catastrophe... Captain got over zealous with the LT causing the LT to eject his pod before losing the frigate to a small firework.  I, myself, had done the same to a frigate of Waam's not long before that... and later I managed to destroy the Captains new destroyer in a heated sparring match.  We learn from the many mistakes, and we prepare the best we can.  It’s not always a pleasure cruise out there.  We have encountered pirates everywhere. 

We have not been here long.  And now, another Corporation has taken notice.  Serenity’s Rangers have paid the Concord authorities to look the other way for the purpose of declaring war on the Black Company.  We have no idea who these people are, where they came from, or what we did to attract their ire. They fly about in expensive ships that most of us can only drool at in the catalogs.  Local intelligence pins them as a rag-tag fleet of pirates that prey on the small corporations that do not have much by way of security.  They steal ore from mining operations and overwhelm small ships that are caught alone.  What could they have possibly seen from us that said we too would be such easy prey?  Who the fug knows… but if they want a fight, they are welcome to come find one.  The training that First has been pushing now has an application… to gain experience in combat.  We didn't ask for this war… but we will oblige.  We will prevail.

Claullene is the system of choice for the Lt.’s mining operation.  We rallied at the one station in the area, and system scans showed one war target lurking about.  We had more than enough ships to deal with one rogue stealth bomber.  So we set out and started the operation.  Mining ships found their rocks to pick.  Security details settled in to their patrols.  One war target became two… but still we maintained the operation… undeterred by their presence in the system.  Within minutes of setup, “Garth Reaper” arrived in the belt with his Nemesis, an expensive refitted frigate designed for stealth bombing.  Garth made a critical error.  Garth came out of warp within 6-10km from those of us on the security detail.  Four or five of us locked target immediately, warp scrambled him, webified him and opened fire.  The training had paid off.  Garth was trapped, and was unable to fight or flee.  We tore through his shields, then his armor, and finally his structure… and his pretty little Nemesis made some pretty little fireworks.  We tried to lock on and take out his pod too.. but he was able to scoot away before the warp jammers locked on.

Celebrating our minor victory, the second war target arrived at the belt.  This time “Abenham” in his destroyer class Thrasher was smart enough to stop his warp short, staying 50km away.  Forgetting the sheer fire power of a destroyer class ship, I flew my frigate out to snare him, thinking the rest of the security team would be coming in behind me to take this guy out… alas that plan only works if your ship can outlast the attack of the enemy … which mine did not.  As I escape to the station in my pod, I hear the radio chatter confirming that I was not the only one with this erroneous decision, as the Captain, and Killgorean both fall victim to the same flawed plan.  We called a tactical retreat and pulled the mining op back to the safety of the station.  Those of us that needed to re ship did so.  We tracked the war targets back to Scully and rallied some reinforcements.  We sent a few sentries out, put the mining operation back in motion, and parked the security detail on a jump gate between Scully and Claullene.  They would not get through.

Abenham arrived with his Thrasher looking for more trouble.  We launched an all-out attack on him, this time more than one ship at a time.  We locked him down and he started working on us one at a time… first Waam and his Rifter, then my Tristan came under fire… but we all held on as long as we could, sacrificing the frigates to hold him for the rest.  First Sgt. closed in to deal the final blow, and this time, the pod did not escape.  We lost one other frigate in the battle when Kingzmen accidentally sent a volley of rounds at a Concord Customs agent flying in a nearby Battleship.  All in all, two Frigates for a Destroyer is a good trade in our books.  We collected the bits and pieces of ships left behind and sent it to headquarters while those of us that needed to scramble to get another frigate built.    Abenham returned with a fresh clone and Cruiser and chased away the remaining Security detail.  It was no matter, the mining operation continued unhindered as long as we kept the attention here, and they finished up their planned objective shortly after.

We have not been here long.  But the war is over.  The newly nicknamed "Rump" Rangers have had their fun.  They have found and destroyed a disturbingly large number of Company frigates, but only a few larger ships were taken down.  However, they could not feel very proud about the end result.  The losses they felt were expensive.  They continued to bring out larger, expensive built ships... and continued to trade a couple cheap frigates for them in battle.  One such ship called a 'Curse' created quite the fireworks show as it was shattered by Salamar, Tiger and myself.  That one ship was a loss greater for them than everything the Company lost during the entire campaign.   Silly ridiculously expensive ships would come out and entice a fight, and sometime we went ahead to and fought... usually resulting in the loss of their ridiculously expensive ship.  So the "Rumpers" returned to their home system next door and have since left us alone.  Most of us are still baffled as to why they would pay Concord to get their asses handed to 'em by a young mercenary corporation.  I suppose they saw it that way by the end as well.
We have not been here long.  But we are here to stay.
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Re: And so it begins...
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Re: And so it begins...
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