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In these days...
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In these days, the Company was in the service of… of…

Oh, who am I kidding?  The Company hasn’t had a long term paying gig in well over a year. 

Once again it was proven to me that even the best plans are always subject to reality. The wagons were packed and moving toward Nave, but something went wrong.  Croaker, speaking in dreams from his demon shell, provided grave reports of the status in Nave, but we were given minimal warning of the impending damage to the gate.  We lost several scouting squads of recruits to the other side… and we nearly lost our former Lieutenant in the incident… he is now resting ,on light duty, back on the plain and it is unsure if he'll be rejoining the bulk of the Company any time soon.  I didn’t hear the full details on what happened in Nave… but the basics were that there was a major societal malfunction there... and it was not going to be stable world for some time.  The only information that really matters is that the Black Company won’t be fixing that gate for a while.

With the ancient wisdom of "when all direction fails, go left", the supply wagons were redirected to the next working gate to the left, and we spread into this un-named world like a leak in a dam.   Not even sure what was waiting for us, we didn’t care.  We all needed something to do before we started clubbing each other out of boredom.  With tremendous luck, this world proved to be ripe in resources, and easy pickings for making our foothold.  The Captain's tent was busy.... first order was a restructure of the command.  With LT. Sarkhan out of commission and Commander Hanibal seeming lost in the depths of the Black Castle back at the center of the Glittering Plain,  the Captain made the move to call up the Support Commander, Epiphone, to be his new Lieutenant... and that he would take over the Infantry himself.  Late into the night, the Officers toiled at making the plans for supporting the Company in a full deployment again... something we are all very out of practice at.

Out in the new world, the men have taken to calling it "Fallen" because it was apparent that some time ago a great civilization had grown to the point of self-destruction... the kind that always happens when too much power is unleashed unchecked into the world.  Scouts went out; reports came in from all over... small towns and cities supporting small populations of refugees and organizations trying to eek out a living.  Of course, as with any civilization that is rebuilding after a collapse, there are bandits and gangs aplenty.... just begging to be put down by someone willing to do the dirty work for a price.

Here comes The Black Company.

Our first contract came in not long after we arrived.  The Captain spent a considerable amount of time in one of the larger towns we'd encountered on our northern migration.  Old Kingman they called it... much to Kingsmen's chagrin.... and Captain was working the trade market.   It was learned that a large criminal organization had taken up residence in the northern part of Old Kingman.  It seemed that they controlled the majority of the materials and warehouses in the area.... and didn't like sharing.  We ran many small excursions to pilfer items, or a few choice assassination jobs... assessing the strength of these Gaunt.   It wasn't hard from that point to find a merchant with the gumption and resources to hire us to push back hard.

So we gathered in the middle of town, lined up and listened to a short speech from The Captain, citing "John Q. Moneybags" as our client, and eradication of the Gaunt Gang on the north side of the tracks as our goal.  Fallen has provided the company a new avenue of warfare, with the local traders eager to teach their crafts in making firearms.  Several stayed with the swords and maces of their long tradition of training, while others jumped at the chance to use the guns made available.  Regardless of the weapons used, the Black Company set out to establish the fighting dominance we've enjoyed since the days of earliest Annals of the Free Companies.  Waam and Fez, two of the fiercer melee fighters from the ranks, led the way into the Gaunt territories, followed by the ranged specialists like Kingz and myself.

The chaos that ensued in the rank and file of the Gaunt organization was nothing less than comical. The Company arrived with a dozen or less men, against their hundreds entrenched in the battered remains of a business district.  While sustaining a few casualties that were quickly patched up by the field medics, we rounded up these self-proclaimed bad asses and put them down.  They were furious. We were ruthless. They were persistent. We were thorough.  It was like fighting children.  It really was all too easy.  They fell into traps over and over again as we taunted them with a single rider looking vulnerable, who would then lead a squad of them back to waiting ambushes.  In the end... they retreated underground, having taken heavy losses. They were not completely wiped out, but "Moneybags" was content with the job we had done, and our coffers grew more from the spoils than the payment.

And I'll be damned if it didn't feel good.

Our advanced scouts have reported back that there are more areas of conflict further north, promising even more opportunities for contracts.  We are wringing our hands with anticipation. We are the Black Company once again.

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Re: In these days...
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Re: In these days...
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Re: In these days...
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Re: In these days...
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Re: In these days...
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Well done!!  :obf: