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Time to go
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The camp is buzzing with excitement.  Visibly, not much has changed.  A few more of the men are up and about earlier in the day ... or later in the night.  But the feel of camp is that of anticipation and restrained energy.  The reason?  The Captain has given the orders to prepare to move off the plain… through the gate to Nave.

The Officers “tent” was alight with activity when I arrived.  I was not exactly summoned to the meeting, but informed that it was going to take place.  The Officers were set up off to the side inside the main central chamber of the old Fortress at the center of the plain.  The last meeting I was invited to it was discussed that the Company was going to sit tight out here longer than planned.  Supplies were getting low; morale was hard to gauge but far from high.  We had orders to hold position anyway.  I never got the details regarding the intel that the Captain had received that convinced him that we needed to stay put… but even the Annalist doesn’t always get to put the Captain to the question.  The tension and worry in the air after that meeting was so thick you could almost taste it. This time the meeting was different.  The mood was excited.  Body language showed purpose and confidence of plans well thought out.  The SDC and IDC were busily going over paperwork and maps.  I settled in to a spot out of the way and listened in to the discussions of our immediate future.

Commander Epiphone has had his crew out in Nave for months now… they have been cataloging and experimenting with the metals and wood available for us to outfit an army.  They don’t have much else to do, really, because currently we don’t have an army to outfit.  What we have is a large group of campers hanging out playing Tonk.  But now the Support duties can be of use again, and plans are made and deals with the Infantry Commander are negotiated.  We’re all going to get new gear again, praise the gods!

The rest of the meeting was taken up by discussions regarding recruiting methods, and training the men again.  All this time hanging out on the plain has softened the men.  We’re out of practice, and out of shape. Some have just quietly camped out near the gate since we stopped there (sorry, no … you won’t get me spending every night being haunted by the Nef and the occasional shadow that wants nothing more than to slip in and extinguish your life).  Others have taken up residence inside the Fortress … playing war games in the labyrinth with the attempted goal of staying sharp.  We lost a few too… in the night.  I’d like to think they high-tailed it back through one of the other gates we’ve come from… but the likeliness of being taken by a rogue shadow or lost to the depths of the Fortress is higher.  We will need more recruits soon… but those of us in attendance agreed that we need to find our foothold, regain our identity as The Black Company… soldiers for hire… the best you can buy, before we can think about looking for more men to train.

Rumors and speculations about that meeting have spread throughout the camp and that is the cause for the increase in activity.  For me that means I need to wrap up my studies. I’ve spent my time with the eternal demon that calls this fortress home.  Once known as Shivetya, few of the literate know the truth of Croaker's immortality.  How could I not spend as much time as possible exploring the past with the man that lived and wrote about it himself?  The time for reflection is over for now.  It’s time to start again.  Tales of adventures waiting to be written dance in my head.  It’s good to see the life coming back to the Company.  Soon we can march to the “Of, By, For” way of life once again.


Re: Time to go
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Nice job. I particularly like how you captured the feeling of how the Annalists and are treated/must feel when they go to the meetings. Right on with the books. I love all you guys posting this stuff and maybe I'll write one up in the near future. It's motivating.

It also feels like your keeping us lowly recruits up to date with a little information from the real meetings of the minds. We don't get an announcement but a little inferring and we get to feel like we know whats going on in the upper echelon. Kind of like camp fire bullshitting.

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Re: Time to go
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Re: Time to go
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Re: Time to go
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Well done.  :obf:  :accepted:


Re: Time to go
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