Over four hundred

years have passed since the Free Companies set forth from Khatovar...

A Star Citizen Mercenary Guild

Down through the ages, the Company has managed to survive everything thrown at us from worlds beyond the Glittering Plain.

Time and time again, we've beaten the odds and one ultimate set of truths reminds us of the life we choose to live:

Soldiers live and soldiers die, but the Company remains.







The time to deploy once again draws near.

The Captain and the Lieutenant are issuing orders, the compound is stirring, the men are restless. We can smell the blood to be spilled and it fuels our drive. We are only truly alive when death is nearest.

Our employer's enemies are the means to our survival, taking their lives our sole reason for existence now, though this was not always so.

Looking for something more in life?

That which resonates to the core of who you know you can become? Want to discover if you have what it takes to ascend to the next level? The Black Company finds those who are on the cusp of one life bleeding into the next.

Take the Oath of the Black Company

Begin the journey of a lifetime.

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Since then, only one has ever returned...

The Black Company.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

We took our first steps off the Glittering Plain, into a vast expanse of entirely new worlds, populated by countless strange and wondrous beings. Though we've returned to far simpler worlds many times,

we continue to feel the beck and call of space, to feel the freedom only known when surrounded by the technological magic of a starship in flight. We've discovered a new gate which promises new adventures.

Star Citizen awaits...

Excellence is built on the backs of our Brothers.

Looking for Mercenaries for Hire?

Pending the release of Star Citizen online, The Black Company is not for hire. We may be partaking of other games, so join us on the forums and get to know us and fight alongside us!

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